Twinsburg Mayor Katherine Procop

“I know Ted would be the best person for this position. He has worked hard for his constituents and he cares deeply for the Twinsburg community. I have seen him lead others and be successful, driving those around him to achieve great things.

Ted’s professional background in finance and legal would make him a strong leader for our community. He would continue to make economic development a priority and would focus on keeping a balanced budget through responsible spending.”Twinsburg Mayor Katherine Procop

Twinsburg Councilman Sam Scaffide

“I knew when Ted Yates joined our Council team that he had no hidden agenda and a strong desire to serve the residents of Twinsburg. Having had the opportunity to work with Ted at the Council table since 2009, I know he has a clear vision and the leadership qualities to continue to move the City of Twinsburg forward to the benefit of all people whether they call Twinsburg their home or place of business.”Twinsburg Councilman Sam Scaffide

Heard Around Town

“What I respect about Ted is his hard work and willingness to hear all sides of an issue before making a decision. That with his accounting and legal experience makes him a good candidate for Mayor.” Maureen Stauffer, Ward 4 Councilwoman, Teacher
“As a Councilman, Ted is proactive in seeking ways that the City and the Township can work together. I am confident that as Mayor he will continue that effort.”Jamey DeFabio, Twinsburg Township Trustee
“I have reached out to Ted on several issues within our community and he has returned my calls timely and personally visited me to discuss issues in my neighborhood. If elected, I am confident that Ted will continue his professional approach in handling residents’ concerns.”Bill Hon, Former Twinsburg City Councilperson
“Ted has always been an advocate for our schools, all of his children attend the district and I am confident as Mayor he will continue to seek ways that the City and the School District can work together.”Ron Stuver, Twinsburg Resident
“During his time on Council Ted has demonstrated that he makes decisions on issues only after analyzing all the data and considering all of the options. We need that type of thoughtful leadership in the Mayor’s office.”David Andrews, Former School Board Member
“After working with Ted over the past few years, the quality I admire the most is his ability to be objective when reviewing both sides on an issue. His methodical analysis is a great leadership trait and why I support him for Mayor of Twinsburg.”Steve Shebeck, Former School Board Member, Planning Commission Member
“Ted Yates is my recommendation for Mayor. He has the background, and history of being a dedicated councilman. Twinsburg needs a Mayor who will listen to the needs of the people and stand strong against the things he believes are not in our best interest.”Chris Griffith, Planning Commission Member, Resident
“I’ve known Ted for years and while he has all these great qualifications to be an outstanding Mayor, the one thing that impresses me most is that whether he’s coaching on a football field, serving on City Council, helping out at our food pantry or just home with his family, Ted has a faithful heart and cares about everybody. And I mean everybody.”Steve W. Noble, Founder of Paws on Hunger, Resident
“After speaking with Ted I believe he will make a great mayor and make sure my voice as a senior resident in this city is not simply forgotten. I would encourage anyone who is voting to vote for Ted, I know I am.”Mary Ann, Twinsburg Senior
“Ted Yates is a man of integrity, compassion, intelligence and faith. I believe he is the best candidate for Mayor of the City of Twinsburg.”Theresa, Twinsburg Resident & Teacher
“We have known Ted for years. He holds values similar to ours when it comes to family, community and honesty. We feel he has the leadership and vision to ensure that Twinsburg will remain a great place to live.”Lori K. Posk, MD & Michael R. Posk, Residents